Patient Information
Pre-Op Guide
Understanding the Mine Hill Surgical Center Experience

The center will contact you prior to your procedure and answer any questions you may have. Staff will also discuss pre-operative instructions, the medicaitons you are currently taking, and the time you should arrive at the center. Since most patients do receive some type of anesthetic, you will be unable to drive yourself home after the procedure. Please let us know if arranging your own transportation is going to be a problem.

You should not eat or drink anything at least eight hours prior to your procedure with the exception of small sips of water to take regular, daily medications such as blood pressure or heart pills.

Please consult with your primary physician or ask our staff if you are unsure which medication you should or should not take.
You should refrain from drinking or smoking 24 hours prior to your procedure.

Wear comfortable, relaxed clothing. Leave any valuables at home. When you arrive at the center, please check in at the reception desk. One of our trained nurses will then review your medical history and medications, take your vital signs, complete any other necessary paperwork, and get you ready for your procedure. You will then have the opportunity to see your surgeon and ask any other questions. You will also meet the anesthesiologists to discuss your anesthesia care.

All members of the OR team including your doctor, anesthesiologist, nursing staff, etc. will be with you throughout your surgical procedure. Afterward, you will be escorted to the recovery room where you will continue to be monitored. When you are awake and alert, we will provide you with a snack and drink and explain all the necessary post-procedure instructions. When you feel ready to go home, we will then discharge you from the center. We recommend you take it easy and rest for the remainder of the day after your procedure.

The center will contact you the following day to make sure you are feeling well and answer any questions you may have.


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